Professional Noise Maker

Tales of a traveling Hurdy Gurdy player

Earl the Bard has been a professional Hurdy Gurdy player since 2014. Getting his start busking on the street corners of Ashland Oregon, he has spent his entire career interacting directly with people on the as they come and go and specializes in capturing the attention of a non-captive audience. From these humble beginnings, he continues to wander the land, telling stories and playing music wherever he goes. His trusty Hurdy Gurdy evokes the magical feel of ancient music and lore, and can beguile even stubborn feet to dancing with its enchanting and ethereal sound. With a smile and a song, Earl the Bard charms guests of all ages by interacting directly with passersby as they explore the wonders of the festival.

By embodying the spirit of a renaissance era street performer, Earl the Bard utilizes folklore and music from across the world, as well as traditional hand made puppets to delight and educate his audiences. He has played professionally since 2014, and has performed for Renaissance Festivals, Mead Halls, Fundraisers, and Weddings all over the Pacific Northwest. In addition to performing, Earl the Bard also offers Hurdy Gurdy lessons to help burgeoning new players find confidence and community.

Booking info

If you would like to inquire about availability for your upcoming event or if you would like more information about lessons, don’t hesitated to utilize the convenient form located on the contact page. You can also see more of Earl on his YouTube channel.