Welcome, traveler!

Hurdy-Gurdist, Story Teller, Professional Noise Maker

Welcome to my humble little website! Come on in, but wipe your boots at the door first. Don’t wanna track a bunch of mud in here.

I am Earl the Bard; at your service! Hurdy-gurdist, story teller, professional noise maker: I travel the world bringing renaissance inspired shenanigans wherever I go. Click over to my about page to learn a little more about what I do, or maybe peruse the gallery for those of you that like a little more visual stimulation.

If we met out at a festival and you’re looking for a way to support me, you can always leave a tip on Venmo or Paypal. Maybe buy me a coffee? Whichever you chose, thank you so much for supporting me and letting me continue to do what I love to do.

And as a related note, my official Earl the Bard Patreon page is now live! For a small subscription fee, you can gain exciting insights into my life as a traveling festival performer, plus access to exclusive merch in my shop and monthly live-streams! Why not check it out? (I worked real hard on it!)

Look for me at these upcoming events!

Medieval Mayhem Renaissance FaireShow Low, AZJuly 12-14
Canterbury Renaissance FaireSilverton, ORJuly 20-21, 27-28
Washington Midsummer Renaissance FaireMonroe, WAAugust 2-3, 10-11, 17-18
The Realms Unknown Festival \Woodland, WASeptember 20-22