Here’s a list of the most common questions I receive while performing.

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Q: What is that instrument called?

A: It’s called a Hurdy Gurdy!


Q: A Hurdy Gurdy?

A: Yes. A Hurdy Gurdy.


Q: Is it Iri…Celt…Indi…Where does it come from?

A: Medieval Europe. The Hurdy Gurdy dates back to about the tenth century. It was widely used between the 11th and the 15th centuries as a dance instrument, and just about every European country had one version or another.


Q: Wow. So it’s kind of like an accordion right?

A: Not quite. The Crank drives the wheel, the wheel bows the strings, the strings are stopped by the keys, which makes the music. It’s more like a mechanical fiddle.


Q: So, You’re actually playing that?

A: Unless I’m dreaming right now. No, no, I get what you mean! You’re thinking of the guy with the monkey right? Yeah, that’s called a Barrel Organ, and it’s basically a giant music box that plays one song over and over again, but because it has a crank, it’s sometimes also called a hurdy gurdy. That’s about where the similarity stops though. The real hurdy gurdy actually requires you to play the notes to make any music.


Q: Okay, I understand all of that. But what does THAT little thing do?

A: Um…my tuner? Uh…It…helps me tune.


Q: Do you do weddings/parties/events?

A: Yes I do! Feel free to send me an email through the Contact form for a no obligation consultation.


Q: Do you only play the hurdy gurdy, or do you play other instruments, too?

A: I do, as a matter of fact! You can find a list and descriptions of all the instruments I play here. If you have a specific preference in mind for your event don’t be afraid to mention it!


Q: I love what you do, is there any way I can help make sure you can keep doing it?

A: Aww! Thank you so much! There is, actually, a really convenient way to help make sure I can keep doing what I do. By signing up to be my patron here on Patreon, you can pledge support for each new original work I release and in exchange you will get early access to my newest releases as well as downloads, video chats, or even postcards! If you aren’t interested in recurring support, you can leave a secure, one time tip here on The Busking Project using Stripe or Paypal.