Bards are keepers of the great histories and collect tales and legends of heroes who have proven their deeds worthy of remembrance for generations to come. Great tales of conquerors or brave knights overcoming terrible odds. But what about those little wins we all accomplish every day? Who’s to say that your achievements aren’t great simply becauseĀ  they are special only to you? You’ve put off fixing the lawn mower for seasons, but now you’ve finally overcome the great beast that is lethargy to complete your noble quest! Huzzah! There is no greater glory to be had than in celebrating your victories, especially the little ones.

It is my job as a Bard to collect and share these great tales of triumph, and if you happen to have a tiny personal victory that makes you proud as hell, I’d be happy to expand it into a full-fledged poem boasting of your great valor and noble sacrifices undertaken to accomplish these tasks. Check out my Blog for some great examples of the mundane turned extraordinary!