Huzzah! What a glorious time! With your help, I have just hit my first major milestone on YouTube. The significance of this milestone is that I am now “official” enough on the ‘Tube to be allowed to have a custom channel. This lets me, among¬† other things, have a significantly easier to remember custom URL.¬† Everybody! Stop what you are doing and type in into your search bar right now! Or click that hyper link! I’m not your mom. Do what you want.


In celebration of this monumental extravaganza, I have uploaded a new video to YouTube featuring a behind the scenes take of me performing a classic bardic tale of drunken shenanigans on an instrument I don’t actually know how to play in a music shop I just happened to stumble across during my travels! I had a lot of fun recording it and I hope you all enjoy watching it! you can see it over here if you haven’t already. Or if you have seen it, but feel like watching it again. I’m not your mom. Do what you want.


So, all this is to say “Thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart.” I literally couldn’t have gotten this far without you guys, and it means the world to me how much you have been sharing my links this past week. I’ll try to hold up my end of the deal by creating amazing content much more frequently for your entertainment and delight. Please keep spreading the love, and I’ll try to do the same!


Oh, and one last thing! I absolutely love what I do, and if you absolutely love what I do as well, please consider throwing a few dollars into my tip jar over on the Busking Project. It’s a super convenient way to send virtual tips using Paypal or Stripe.


Once again, thank you all so much for all the love and support! You guys are great!



Earl the Bard